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Head Outdoors

You could win the ultimate outdoor gear bundle from Osprey, worth over £250! The Duro 6 hydration running vest has two 500ml soft bottles, plus storage for snacks. The Raptor and Raven biking packs are perfect for a relaxed day on the trail. The award-winning Talon and Tempest hiking backpack series will hold everything you need. The prize includes Duro 6 or Dyna 6 (female fit), Raptor 10 or Raven 10 (female fit) and the Talon 22 or Tempest 20 (female fit). For more information about Osprey, visit ospreyeurope.com

Pet-Friendly Picks

We’ve teamed up with MONAT to give away 10 MONAT Pet Gift sets, worth £560! Pamper your pooch with the MONAT Pet gift set from vegan and cruelty-free brand MONAT. The pH-balanced, sulphate-free MONAT Pet Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash and MONAT Pet Freshen Up Deodorizing Spray will leave your dog with a shiny, healthy-looking coat. Plus, you’ll win the MONAT Pet Weekender Bag which is perfect for carrying your dog toys and accessories! Find out more about MONAT at monatglobal.com/uk

Start Discovering

You could win one of four Purition Discovery Boxes with six different flavours of your choice, an insulated steel 500ml flask and a full-size pack of shakes, worth £220 overall! Blended into a delicious smoothie in less than 30 seconds, Purition is made with real food ingredients and is high in fibre and protein, low in sugar and carbs. There are over 10 flavours to choose from, including Strawberry, Chocolate and Coconut. It’s available in a vegan or original recipe and is gluten-free. Find out more about Purition at purition.co.uk

C The Difference

You could win a six-month supply of Liposomal Vitamin C sachets by YourZooki, worth £200! The Vitamin C Zooki sachets use a new liposomal delivery system to increase absorption. Vitamin C Zooki is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly and each sachet can be enjoyed on-the-go, straight from the sachet, or mixed into water, smoothies and more! The benefits of taking YourZooki Vitamin C include boosting immunity, reducing fatigue and increased iron absorption. You can find YourZooki online at yourzooki.com

Get Lippy

You could win a year’s supply of Dr.Lipp, which includes two of its Limited Edition Intro Boxes and a selection of extra Superfood Tints and Original Nipple Balm sizes, worth £250! Dr.Lipp is famous for the Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits, which can be used as a long-lasting lip balm, cuticle cream, brow balm, dry patches all over your body and so much more! Plus, it’s 100 percent natural, cruelty-free and free from additives. Find out more about Dr.Lipp at drlipp.com

A Helping Hand

Our friends at Sambucol are giving away 10 of their Immuno Forte range, worth £200 overall, packed with black elderberries to help build immunity. Sambucol is enriched with vitamin C and zinc to help support and protect the immune system. These nutrients work alongside Sambucol’s distinctive mode of action called AntiVirin, which help protect healthy cells and boost immunity. It’s available in five formulas, including gummies, capsules and tablets. For more information about Sambucol, visit sambucol.co.uk

On Your Bike

We’ve teamed up with Hövding to give away a cycling airbag, worth £249! The Hövding 3 has advanced airbag technology with 0.1 second deployment in the event of an accident; a mobile app with Bluetooth technology that works with Hövding 3; a built-in In Case of Emergency (ICE) function; a free-sized adjustable collar to make it seamless and comfortable and an extended battery life of up to 15 hours of active cycling. Hövding 3 can be purchased at Selfridges or online. Find out more about the Hövding 3 at hovding.com

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