CoolSoft Sleep

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Winner of the Health & Wellbeing Award for "Best Sleep Aid", CoolSoft Cooling Pillow.

About CoolSoft Sleep

A pillow that is oh so dreamy, designed with you in mind. CoolSoft Sleep know how important a pillow is, which is why they developed a luxury pillow to help you achieve the perfect eight hours.
CoolSoft is an innovative, state of the art fabric that offers an instant cool-to-the-touch feel, providing instant relief against those who are hot sleepers or suffer from night sweats. Made up of 58 percent polyester and 48 percent cooling silk fibre, the unique cooling fabric will conduct heat away from the body 300 percent more than traditional polyester fabrics, allowing for a more enjoyable, uninterrupted night’s sleep that you deserve.
Not only is the pillow cooling, it's packed with 1000g Goose Down and Feather – the perfect balance between comfort and support. Soft enough to let your head sink down while being able to keep your head elevated enough to support you throughout the night. Designed as a pillow within a pillow, the 100 percent cotton inner will help to prevent feathers from penetrating through and interrupting your sleep. The pillow will certainly allow you to drift off into pure luxury and comfort.

How it works

CoolSoft™ technology has been developed by adding fine particles of mica ore crystals to the fibre melt spinning process to create fibres which are then layered to form a cool-function yarn. The yarn is then applied to a circular knitting machine to form CoolSoft™ fabric. This is what creates the cool-to-the-touch feel.

Using your pillow

The pillow can be used both with or without a pillow case but it's best to use a 100 percent cotton pillow case to benefit from the cooling feel. The pillow is machine-washable and highly durable to allow your pillow to look fresher for longer.

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