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Best Probiotic Runner Up

Runner up of the Health & Wellbeing Award for "Best Probiotic", Prescript Biotics.

About PrescriptBiotics™

Good Health Naturally's Essentials Pack contains PrescriptBiotics™, Active Life™ and Nascent Iodine to help you thrive through the winter months. Stay healthy, improve your energy levels and get the immunity support your body needs to thrive all year round. Stay on track to good health with Active Life™ – containing 130 nutrients in one single capsule. As a full-spectrum multivitamin, it is perfect for 100 percent of the population as it contains a patented form of 5-MTHF Folate – ideal for the 25 percent of people who cannot absorb Folic Acid. Active Life™ is suitable for all ages, from young children to seniors. It also contains essential B vitamins to support your good health.

Boost your gut health with PrescriptBiotics™, which recently won “Highly Commended” in the 2019 Health & Wellbeing Awards. Custom-cultured with a powerful soil-based microflora, the award-winning probiotics can improve your immunity, digestion and support your overall health. Soil born organisms (SBOs) are missing from the modern diet and are meant to be ingested every day to support good gut health. PrescriptBiotics™ contain over 100 trillion bacteria of 400 different species that can be found in the digestive tract.

Feeling fatigued? The Nascent Iodine can improve your energy levels. As the same form of iodine that’s well-recognised by the thyroid and easily absorbed by the body, Nascent Iodine provides a huge energy release when consumed. It’s recommended to take Iodine with Ionic Selenium as this acts as a co-factor to help the body to utilise Iodine for best results. Taken together as a pack, these nutrients provide the essentials for good health.

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