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The Kally Sleep Body Pillow

Store Cupboard Essentials Highly Commended

Runner up of the Health & Wellbeing Award for "Best Sleep Aid", The Kally Sleep Body Pillow.

About The Kally Sleep Body Pillow

Kally Sleep’s orthopaedic body pillow moulds to your body and providies full support to leave you feeling weightless. Ergonomically designed by Harley street doctors and osteopaths, it promotes side sleeping (the healthiest position) and keeps your neck, back and spine in total alignment, reducing pressure and alleviating pain.

This is not your ordinary pregnancy pillow, and although loved by expectant mums, it’s used by sufferers of pain during sleep – athletes, restless sleepers and your everyday man and woman.

The amount of sleep you get directly impacts your wellbeing, productivity and performance throughout the day. Even a small amount of sleep loss can have a negative impact on your energy levels, mood, appetite, mental agility and the way you deal with stress. The Kally Body Pillow will help you enjoy deeper sleep in superior comfort and get you the peaceful night’s sleep you deserve.

£49.99 + free delivery

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